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Smartphone Wars!

Samsung has been ordered to pay US$120 million in damages for infringing Apple smartphone patents, a jury has decided in San Jose, California.

This is a big deal when it comes to dealing with this amount of money and for Samsung this is a big hit to their pockets even though they are a multi billion dollar company. These two tech giants have been going at it for many years all over the world about copying each others patents. Apple is seeking US$2.2 billion from Samsung for infringing 5 of its patented features such as, slide-to-lock, universal searching, and quick linking.

Samsung on the other hand are only seeking US$6 million from Apple arguing that they have infringed two of its patents relating to camera use and video transmission.

Both companies sell fantastic phones and other technology but personally I don’t find any of the two phones similar at all. The Apple iPhone is simple with its design and software and Samsung S5 is, in my opinion, difficult to use if you haven’t used any of their products before.

One day I might make the switch to Samsung but for now I’m enjoying the iOS7 software and its design.

My information has been gathered from stuff.co.nz. Click the link for more info: http://goo.gl/A7QWp6