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Snapchat Real-time

As many of you may have noticed you are receiving Snapchat videos from ‘Team Snapchat’. Well they have put out an update, in my opinion, is a game changer for messaging friends or even strangers. The real-time video chat and messaging is amazing! You can send messages to your friends with just a simple swipe and once you’ve left the message, your messages will “Self-destruct” just like the old Snapchat version. Although you can still save your message just by selecting the ones you want to save. With the real-time chat you can hold the chat screen when your friend is active and talk to them in real-time, you can also switch between front and back camera by just moving your finger to the top of your phone.

Like I said earlier this feature is a game changer for all photo messaging apps. Since this is the case, I wonder what will Facebook and Instagram do?

Snapchat has also hired Jad Boutros from Google as a director of information security to toughen up their walls against hackers after their breach earlier this year which caused millions of users phone numbers to be shared. Boutros had been working for Google since 2004 and previously was a software engineer at Oracle.

In terms of design, I like what Snapchat has done with their interface and I really enjoy their colour scheme. It’s colourful, bright and fun looking, exactly what a photo messaging apps needs to attract its millions of users.

If you want to read more on this topic visit stuff.co.nz or click the provided link: http://goo.gl/j0DsRr